“It’s these words and music that keeps me living, keeps me breathing.” ~Life Of Agony

Here is where you will be able to find all things BobbyHeadwrek.

WREKED MUSIC will provide you with all of my musical endeavors. Bands I’ve been in, various solo tracks, new and older projects that I’ve been a part of can all be found here.

WREKED DOWNLOADS is where you will find cassette tapes (and CDr demos at a later date) that I have collected throughout the years and digitized for your enjoyment. If the material was released on CD or vinyl as some sort of discography or remaster, you will not find it. Only the rarest of the rare here. Demos, rehearsals, and live performances. Hardcore mostly, but I have a lot of other stuff too that I think will be of interest to some.

WREKED MERCH is exactly what you think. A few shirts right now, but more ideas to come!

WREKED VIDEOS is another digitization project, but of VHS tapes. Again, hardcore mostly. Shows and stuff like that.

WREKED LYRICS is where you will find all of the lyric videos that I create for my songs. Fun for me to make, and fun for you to read!

WREKEDHEAD STUDIO is where all the magic happens. I may stream live from time to time when special guests come over, while recording, or working on some tapes. You never know what’s going to happen or who is going to show up so check back often!

Enjoy the music, enjoy the memories.

-BobbyHeadwrek *ECS*